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OpSense Release Notes

Version 20.11.0

October 6, 2020


  • Support for boolean metadata types
  • Support for limited value metadata types
  • Initial bulk import for setting up locations and devices for a location
  • Bulk registration of LoRa devices
  • Fixed areas where save indicator did not display
  • Added ability to have multiple admin of admins with different access to enterprises
  • Better support for location-based data types

Version 20.10.0

September 1, 2020


  • Added support for RAK 7249 outdoor gateways
  • Added support for V-Mark Zigbee routers
  • Added support for V-Mark GPS enabled gateways

Version 20.9

August 19, 2020

Here’s what’s new
The latest release of OpSense includes features to make performing role changes easier, a new chart library to make reports better, a bunch of other enhancements that might make your eyes glaze over, and bug fixes.


  • Simplified user roles with the ability to use common role templates. This
    will streamline adding new locations
  • Updated the charts found in detail views and reports with a new look and
  • Better support for graphs that have missing data
  • Loading indicator added when looking up checklists for checklist summary report
  • The floorplan management screen is now available from the store list
    screen for quicker access
  • Autocomplete support for login information
  • Ability to show/hide login password
  • Dropped the requirement that usernames be email addresses, now they only
    need to be unique
  • Enable filtering on first name, last name, and email for users
  • Role dropdowns searchable on user admin screen
  • On the Device Comparison Report you will now see only options to choose
    sensors that report numeric values – e.g. Temp is valid. Gateways and door
    sensors are not valid choices.

Bug Fixes

  • Repopulate status filter placeholder when navigating back to device listing
  • Exclude archived actions for event configuration
  • Fix issue with values in notifications being rounded to the nearest whole number
  • Fix issue related to modifying devices that would cause the update to return an error message if the status was not modified when the user made a change to the device
  • Adjustments to support issues found with checklists v1

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